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Is Sickness your Friend?

Last Spring I was at a Ladies conference and the speaker was talking about health and healing.   She made the comment to those coming to the prayer line that they would need to prepare to do their house work because they were going to be well and not have an excuse.

Originally I thought that was odd.  Then I began to notice just how much people use Sickness for perceived benefits.  Like an old loyal friend Sickness was there for them whenever they needed it.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Articles on “Preparing to Walk in Divine Health”   If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This may be a new way to look at an old problem.


























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R U Bringing It 2 Church?

R U Bringing It 2 Church?

R u bringing it 2 Church?  R u prayed up, Praised up, and got ur Word on?   If ur getting a little down and disappointed because ur Church isn’t doing it 4u.  Stop asking what ur church can do 4 u and ask instead what can u do 4 ur Church.   Be a blessing to ur Pastor, brothers, and sisters at church.   Bring it on, bring it all on 2 ur Church & watch what God does.

My hope is not N a Donkey or an Elephant, My Hope is N THE LAMB!

A friend of mine posted this and it is so true!    Good things are coming.  Look for some new things coming your way from AccessN2Grace.  I watched a Christian Election coverage video. and I was so thrilled to see Christian Coverage.    I was thinking   Hmmm I wonder if they are going to continue letting people know what is going on.  Then  AccessN2Grace  founding scripture was spoken and It’s  Like why don’t YOU do this..

So let’s do it.   AccessN2Grace receives no monetary support from anyone and we don’t have a 501 c3.   I can say whatever the Lord leads me to say and not have to worry about losing funding or my 501 c3 status…

Please join me in participating and taking our country back.    God said  through one of his prophets “I’m giving you your country back. What are you going to do with it? ”    Well let’s step up to the plate and learn how to receive all God has provided for us and put prayer to work on our Government.

The Deficit maybe something big for Man… but it’s tiny tiny for God.

Let’s get to work folks…It’s literally time to be a doer of the Word.

Behind the Sunday Morning Mask…

A couple of nights from tonight we’ll b c ing lots of masks.   Scary ones, funny ones, Ugly ones, and pretty ones.

We all know that what’s behind the mask may or may not b anything like the facade we c.

What about Sunday Morning?  What’s behind your Sunday Morning Mask?  R U really that person?

Just like the people handing out candy know that the masks on Halloween r not real, don’t U think that the people that sit behind U, beside U and in front of U know that your mask isn’t real either.

Remove the mask and b yourself.  That’s who God created U 2 B.

Pastor Appreciation Month

This month is highlighted as Pastor Appreciation month.  A time of reflection and blessing of the one who has fed you throughout the year.  Typically this is for a church congregation to plan, and sneak around gathering bloopers of the Pastor throughout the year for almost a “roast” so to speak.  And then after the church family has had their fun it’s a time of reflection and blessing.

Here at AccessN2Grace I want to express my appreciation for the various ministries and ministers that brought new light into a dark world and are also restoring the value of Calvary.  So many have forgotten what Jesus has done for us.  Much was accomplished on the cross and completed for all time.    Our healing and forgiveness have been paid for.   Everything that Jesus died for has been done.   When we sin, Jesus doesn’t go back to the cross and he for sure doesn’t want us to beg forgiveness from him.  He’s already done it.

“You’ve already Got it”  has been a life changing message for many this year.   I’ve heard many ministries this year turn around and get on the other side of the cross.   We are no longer waiting for Jesus to finish his work.   Jesus has done all he is going to do so it is time for us to step around on the other side and accept the finished work.   Even Jesus himself declared “It is finished!”

I will admit that it was the minister Creflo Dollar that arrested my attention. I’ll look to see which message it was but he was asking the congregation about praying for others and prayer chains.  He asked a question and I was half listening to him.  The congregation and me answered yes and then he said “NO”.   I shut everything down that  I was doing and backed up the video and listened.  Wow!  what a revelation.

During my research this year, I have stumbled across Andrew Wommack.   I have really enjoyed his teachings.  I’ve listened to old ones and new ones that you can download for free.  At one point in his life many years ago he and his wife could not afford teaching.  Which is so sad.  I wish I could have been there to buy it for them and I wonder if there isn’t someone somewhere kicking themselves for being prompted to buy it for them but they didn’t.    I truly appreciate Andrew Wommack Ministries and the Charis Christian Center in Colorado.  It is very refreshing to hear teaching about what Jesus has done for us and is readily available for us.

I also stumbled across Joan Hunter Ministries during my research.  Her parents were the “Happy Hunters” let me tell you..I know what made them Happy and everyone else who attended their meetings.    Joan is continuing in her parents footsteps and let me tell you people are Happy that attend the meetings.  I had the pleasure of attending one of her meetings live and I was truly amazed at how easy people’s lives were changed.  People were crying and yelling and so happy that they could do things they could not do before entering the building.   If I could imagine Jesus just walking around doing good and healing the sick.    That was what she did.   No push downs, no yelling no screaming  no “working up the anointing” just a simple ask the person what is wrong and then watch Jesus fix it.  Now that was cool to watch.

My slant for Pastor Appreciation is to bless those that feed you.   If your local church Pastor feeds you then by all means bless his socks off.  But, don’t forget the ministries that offer free materials and television broadcasts/podcasts  that you feed on everyday or weekly.

One more thing…don’t wait til October every year to be a blessing to your Pastor and the other ministries that feed you.  And don’t wait for your Pastor to ask for help.  They won’t.  They are trusting God for their personal needs so they won’t ask.

Just found out today that a local pastor didn’t have enough money for shoes for himself and his kids.  What a shocker!!!   You really want to bless your Pastor…take him shopping or take his wife and kids shopping for an outfit or two.      With what I am learning a certain % of offerings go to fees etc.  If you want to bless your Pastor directly without any of  the money going somewhere else.  skip the tax deduction and give him cash or fill up his car the next time you meet him at the gas station. Buy his lunch when you see him out at a restaurant.    Each church/denomination have their own systems some may give the Pastor all the Pastor appreciation offering.  Find out what your church does. This also pertains to traveling ministers not all of the offerings may be given to him or her.  As much as 20% or more  may be deducted  by the host church for their expenses.  Each church/denomination are different.  Find out what your church does and maybe give your traveling minister a good Andrew Jackson handshake if a large portion of the offering goes to cover church expenses.

Finally,  letting your Pastor know that you “hear” him or her and you are getting their messages.  One of the most frustrating things is working all week long on a message for the people and then wondering if anyone is getting it.

(Word to Pastors here:  If your people are falling asleep preach something that will keep them awake.  There is nothing about Jesus or his ministry that is something to snooze about.  Preach something worth listening to.)

To the rest of us, ministers rarely hear “That made an impression on me that is life changing.”    One sentence I will gladly say to  Creflo Dollar ministries, Andrew Wommack Ministries, Joan Hunter Ministries, Bill Winston Ministries, Jim Hockaday Ministries, Charis Christian Center, and Joseph Prince Ministries.    I wish I could say thanks to those who went before us in the 1800’s and 1950’s. To all of you Thanks so much and it’s coming back.   It is refreshing that some of those great teachings are still circulating today.  I don’t know how all these candles were shoved under buckets but the Word is coming back and we are awakening to all that Jesus has done.

It’s not about U or what U do, it’s about what Jesus has done 4 U.

What sets U apart?

We r 2 b n the world but not of the world.  What sets u apart?  What makes u peculiar?

It’s not your clothes, your Jesus pins nor ur lack of makeup that sets u apart.

Different denominations have different standards they live by just like Families have different rules and standards.

What u do 2 belong 2 a community doesn’t set u apart from the world.

Being at peace when the rest of the world is n fear of “What’s 2 come?” That sets u apart.

Trusting God and relaxing n his rest while everyone else is scurrying around trying to figure out what they r going 2 do.  That sets u apart.

Believing n people when everyone else says u should give up on them.  That sets u apart.

 Loving one another as God loves us when the rest of your friends (Church friends included) tell you “They don’t go to our church why do you hang around them?”  “They don’t believe the same doctrine as we do u better not fellowship with them or they’ll mess u up.   Good Heavens Jesus is coming back for the Body of Christ not one building with a particular Name on the placard.

Maybe u need 2 get messed up a little.  Maybe u need 2 look out the window of ur church and c who else is out there.  Believe me there r a lot of hurting and scared people.  And these people r hurting and scaring even more people.  Wouldn’t it b nice if someone could show them God’s peace and rest?  Wouldn’t it b nice if that person was u?

Show God’s Love, peace, acceptance and rest 2  someone this week.  Let them know they are special in God’s Eyes.  It may b a small thing 2 u.  But it could b a miracle 2 the person that u r  talking 2.

One time I did something that I thought was small and insignificant but God asked me to so I did it.  Just plopped down a $5 bill when a lady ran a bit short and couldn’t pay for her groceries.  No big deal right?

Lady yelled at me crying in the parking lot.  Said she was just crying out to God that morning (not prayer…she was angry because she didn’t believe he was real or that Christians were real)  because she didn’t believe there were anymore people that cared left.  She felt like that $5 bill was God reaching down to her from Heaven and that He did hear her.

She was a pile of bones and flesh sobbing at this “experience”.  God provided an appointment and I accepted the opportunity to show someone that God is still alive and does care very deeply.

Sometimes all u have 2 do is get outside your house and the 4 walls of your church.  B different and b set apart.  Not n an odd showy kind of way.  It’s not your garments, your hair, your make-up or lack there of.  It’s not pants, nor dresses or even Coveralls. It’s not hate words painted on signs or T-Shirts.

It’s not about u or what u do.  It’s about what Jesus Did 4 u.

Share what Jesus has done with someone.

Lord, Send the Wind of a Fresh Pentecost!

Informative article pointing out truths about today’s church. Have your toes protected because  J. Lee Grady is correct in his assessment of  a majority of  Churches as a whole.   Even the “Faith” churches need a fresh breath and restoration of the power of Pentecost.

Includes prayer points for praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the US.  If you’ve been wondering what to pray, there are some great suggestions in this article.

Journal activities:   In your area of influence compose a prayer using the prayer points in this article as a guide and note the changes as they appear in your area.

Lord, Send the Wind of a Fresh Pentecost!.

via Lord, Send the Wind of a Fresh Pentecost!.