My hope is not N a Donkey or an Elephant, My Hope is N THE LAMB!

A friend of mine posted this and it is so true!    Good things are coming.  Look for some new things coming your way from AccessN2Grace.  I watched a Christian Election coverage video. and I was so thrilled to see Christian Coverage.    I was thinking   Hmmm I wonder if they are going to continue letting people know what is going on.  Then  AccessN2Grace  founding scripture was spoken and It’s  Like why don’t YOU do this..

So let’s do it.   AccessN2Grace receives no monetary support from anyone and we don’t have a 501 c3.   I can say whatever the Lord leads me to say and not have to worry about losing funding or my 501 c3 status…

Please join me in participating and taking our country back.    God said  through one of his prophets “I’m giving you your country back. What are you going to do with it? ”    Well let’s step up to the plate and learn how to receive all God has provided for us and put prayer to work on our Government.

The Deficit maybe something big for Man… but it’s tiny tiny for God.

Let’s get to work folks…It’s literally time to be a doer of the Word.

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