About AccessN2Grace:

The Amplified Bible in Romans Chapter 5 verse 2 has always held a special place in my heart.

“Through Him also we have [our] access (entrance, introduction) by faith into this grace (state of God’s favor) in which we [firmly and safely] stand. And let us rejoice and exult in our hope of experiencing and enjoying the glory of God.

We have hope that we can experience and enjoy the glory of God through Jesus Christ.

Wondering where all the glory has gone?   Is anyone on the planet experiencing and enjoying God’s glory?

Stay tuned…you’re in the right place.


What made me think about creating the AccessN2Grace blog?   I simply just asked myself.  “Where’s the Beef?”  There was an old Wendy’s commercial where a elderly lady after eating “unknown meat burgers” finally asked the question we all wanted to know.  Where’s the Beef?

Well after years of hearing messages that really didn’t go along with Scripture kind of an “unknown meat message”  I asked myself the question “Where’s the Beef?”  Where is the meat of the old days and where are the signs and wonders confirming the word?   What is it about those before us that God used in Mighty ways here in the US.    I set out on a mission to study and do research on the History of Ministry in the US.   And bit by bit and piece by piece I am learning the simple little truths that these men and women found out.   Good news is we all can learn and practice these simple little truths.   Bad news…..you going to have to follow along and let the Lord guide you on your own scripturally based path to walking in divine health and sharing the GOOD news with those around you.

Stay tuned as we redesign and develop more areas on the Men and Women of our past and present that were and are used by God in miraculous ways.   We’re not specifically giving “Glory” to any of the Men and Women listed throughout the site.  We do honor the offices they held and are forever grateful for the lessons we can learn from their lives and messages.   All Glory goes to God.

Not all of the ministers on this site ended their race well.  I include them so we can learn from their mistakes.    If we ignored those that didn’t have a perfect run in life then we would have to  remove the lessons and messages we learned from,  Abraham, David, Solomon, Samson, and the list goes on.  God gave us plenty of examples of real people with real issues so we could become a better people.

My hope is that after learning about the Ministers/Ministries on this site that you will have that  moment in which the Holy Ghost nudges you and you experience that “aha” moment and take the simplicity of Studying God’s word, meditating on God’s Word, prayer and acting on the Word part of your lifestyle so that you too by faith have Access in to this Grace.

Through Him we have access into this grace

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