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Nothing is going to change…until YOU do.

Such a gentle reminder from the Father.

In a time of wanting circumstances to change, it’s often up to us to change first. When we start to take 100% responsibility for our lives and quit blaming, complaining and making excuses, we have the free time to look at how we contribute to our situation.

As long as we are blaming someone else and complaining about how they did whatever we perceive to be the cause of all our problems, we can’t focus on what God may be trying to tell us.

Sit quietly for a few moments stop thinking about how everyone else is your problem and start looking at yourself. Listen for that small quiet nudge or inspiration and then do something about it. Remember, nothing is going to change until YOU do.

Ok so I 4give U! Already…

Wow…that sounds like 4giveness 2 me (wink) How about U?  When U 4give some1 r u still mad at them?  If u r mayB there is something still Nside U that needs some work.  I’m thinking Jesus had a reason for the 70 x 7.  It wasn’t a specific number 4 times 2 4give then the rest u could hold un4givenesss.   It was a response 2 a small question.  “How about 7 times?”  Then I can beat the tar out of some1.   Jesus seeing beyond the question said..  How about 70 times 7?

It’s an infinite number.  When someone sins against u. You 4give them. Regardless how many times they sin against u.  Now that doesn’t mean if u r not in covenant with that person that u have to b in a relationship with them so they can keep sinning toward u.  However if u are married or in a supervisor/employee or owner/manager situation u may want 2 think about what the Bible says about breaking covenants etc.

4giveness is 4 U anyway.   Jesus 4gave all r sins on the cross.  He only asks that we b like him.  4giveness frees U from drinking the same bitter poison every time u think about someone who has hurt u.   Un4giveness as many say is like u drinking poison expecting the person you can’t 4give to sick.  It doesn’t work that way n the natural and it certainly won’t work like that in the spiritual realm.    When U don’t 4give, u r the 1 that gets sick.  I think continual grumpiness is a sure sign that some1 hasn’t 4given.     R U grumpy?   4give. Jesus died 4 that person’s sin.  Don’t put him back on the cross so u can feel better.  4give and then confess ur un4giveness 2 God and receive His 4giveness  4 U.