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10 Minutes of Silence?


What? 10 Minutes of Silence?

Anyone who knows me might think that this could quite possibly fall under the All things are (maybe) possible with God clause.    I work from home and I do not get to socialize on a regular basis.   Sorry Facebook really isn’t this lover of conversation and coffee…well it’s just not the same as sitting across from the table sipping on some mind blowing concoction of sweetness and possibly nibbling on something that I am certain to fit my macros for the day and talking with another real “in-person” human.

It’s just not the same.

This means when I do get the opportunity to talk, I do.

My cousin, mentioned something she was doing with a Bible Study group that they called “10 minutes of Silence”.   I was intrigued. ( and my husband was hopeful… wink)

She described it as sitting for 10 minutes and just spending time with God.  No pen, no paper, no electronic device. Just you and God and possibly something to drink.

After her video I grabbed my coffee, timer and went out on the porch.   Set the timer for 10 minutes and sit back to sip on my coffee.   When I looked up I saw Butterflies!  Lots of butterflies in my Mimosa tree.

Who knew this was happening? It was beautiful.  Each bloom seemed to have a butterfly on it.  It was like a Golden Corral buffet during the $1 off lunch special.

I have NEVER seen this happen and I’ve lived in this location for over 20 years.    Sad…I’ve been just less than 20 feet away from this spectacular display of God’s creation for over 20 years.    Kind of makes you wonder about what else God is doing just outside of your view.

   Just because you can’t see God’s handiwork going on, doesn’t mean it isn’t going on.

Needless to say I sat back in silence and just watched this live display of art.  In fact I actually hit the snooze on the alarm when it went off for another round of silence.

What’s going on in your world that could be just outside on the proverbial porch?

Go sit, be silent, and see.


For those who like to journal, turn this into a week or even a 30 day activity. After your silence sessions write down the events, thoughts, and scriptures that came to you while you were spending time with God.  Note changes along the way.  When you first started was it uncomfortable to sit still for 10 minutes?

God bless you on your journey.  This activity for me was a game changer.







Are you a Liar or a Lover? #TheDailyLoveWalk

But if we say we love God and don’t love each other, we are liars. We cannot see God. So how can we love God, if we don’t love the people we can see? The commandment that God has given us is: “Love God and love each other!” (1 John 4:20-21 CEV)

The scriptures can be pretty straight forward.  This scripture basically says if you say you Love God but you hate someone. You are a liar.  WOW I know that’s a tough thing to hear.  Sometimes we just need someone to wake us up and get our attention.

So what does that mean in your everyday going to work/school life?  Well, look at it this way.  If you love someone you won’t sleep with their spouse, steal their money, damage their property, steal their livestock, take their lunch money, shove them into a locker or give them a swirly.  Even though they might deserve the swirly if you Love like God Loves you won’t do it.  It also means you won’t gossip about people you love.  You won’t compare yourself to people you love and you won’t put someone you love down.   I know TV says just the opposite.  TV says be witty, sarcastic and slaughter people with your words so your friends will think you are cute.  When in all actuality you are showing the beast inside of you not the Love of God.

Couples  you won’t betray your spouse in word or deed.  Meaning you don’t go to your coworkers or church family and tell lies about them so you can play the victim.  If you Love them like God Loves them you will see them as He does and see what He sees in them. And a word to Divorced parents.  Your child did not ask to be born to you and your ex spouse.  It is not their fault that you are no longer together.  However you treat your ex spouse is what your child internalizes about that part of them.

They were created out of a union between two people and half of their being came from that person.   Again even though your ex  may deserve a swirly, if you Love them like God Loves them and you see them as God sees them for your sake and the sake of your child turn away from being ungodly and choose to be a Christ like person.  Jesus died for them just the same as he died for you.   I know…. “you don’t understand what they did to me…”  And I will tell you.  “No you don’t understand how much God Loves you and them.”

So let me make this clear… If you say you Love God but you hate your ex or your current spouse.  You are a liar.

I’m sorry, but if the bridge was out ahead on the road and if I didn’t get your attention you might die.  I have to try to wake you up and get your attention.   Just think of it as if I was screaming  THE BRIDGE IS OUT! THE BRIDGE IS OUT!  You may not like that I screamed at you, but at least you’re not dead because I failed to reach you.

In summary,  #TheDailyLoveWalk  step one.   Love like God Loves.   If you absolutely do not have any Love inside of you for someone that may have hurt you or is still hurting you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually then that’s okay.  Ask God for HIS love for them.  Ask God to take your Love or lack of Love for that person and trade it for His love.   Whether it’s a relationship from the past that went sour or that co-worker that you just can’t stand that always knows which buttons to push to set you off.   It’s actually kind of funny when you love them like God does.  When they try to set you off and can’t…. they kind of wonder off aimlessly like a lost puppy.

Oh my friend, if I could take you by the hand and lead you to a more peaceful life of Love I would.  Love like God Loves and if you don’t know how.. pray and ask Him for His Love.  It will absolutely amaze you when His Love comes through you to the world around you.

Keep a journal of your Daily Love Walk.  Make a note of your success in Loving like God loves and set some goals for dealing with challenging issues and people. How can you Love them like God would?  Ask yourself how does God Love? Pray the prayer in Ephesians 3 over yourself.











Lord, Send the Wind of a Fresh Pentecost!

Informative article pointing out truths about today’s church. Have your toes protected because  J. Lee Grady is correct in his assessment of  a majority of  Churches as a whole.   Even the “Faith” churches need a fresh breath and restoration of the power of Pentecost.

Includes prayer points for praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the US.  If you’ve been wondering what to pray, there are some great suggestions in this article.

Journal activities:   In your area of influence compose a prayer using the prayer points in this article as a guide and note the changes as they appear in your area.

Lord, Send the Wind of a Fresh Pentecost!.

via Lord, Send the Wind of a Fresh Pentecost!.