The infamous visitor card shuffle. Do you welcome or dance with the visitors?

WomanCoffeeIn determining what God is doing in our area so we can join Him, we decided to see what is going on.   We’ve been visiting various churches and I’ve noticed there is a peculiar dance going on at the entrance.   I’ll call it the visitor card shuffle.  It’s as if certain greeters get a commission for the number of visitor cards they turn in filled out.

Remember when Montgomery Wards used to have those tables with the credit applications.  If you filled one out you received jewelry or some kind of gift.  Now those people were on commission for each application they turned in.  The visitor card shuffle reminds me of this.  People would move to the other side of the entrance to hopefully avoid those pushing the applications.

The same thing happens in our churches.  Why does a person who will probably never come back after doing the visitor card shuffle with insistent card pushers want to leave their name and address? So they can be reminded of the awkward event by another person who isn’t listening?

I do understand the business practice of retention calling.  It just seems odd for a church to do that.  It makes the person being called think that the church person cares about them.  Not that they are just a name on a list that is someone’s assignment. I would think we would want people to be lead by God to attend a church.   Believe me if they are not led by the Spirit to your church and to join your fellowship you really don’t want to mislead them into thinking that your church cares about them.  When they find out You’ll be damaging them and your church.

Now I realize that there are some genuine old fashioned churches who really do care about people and are serious about staying connected.  But, they do this completely different.   They get to know the people rather than do a mini interview at the door.  Sometimes I have felt like I should just have handed the greeter my resume’.   Churches today should not be looking for what the Visitor can do for them but what they can offer a visitor.

If you want visitors to come back, feed them some rich scriptures, be hospitable and nice.  Welcome them to the place that has changed your life and tell them why you go there.

Keep the dancing for worship and instead welcome new people with open arms and a grateful heart.








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