Through Him we have access into this grace

It’s all about the Grace.

 I really enjoy Spring.  Warmer weather and trees start to bloom.

This week is quite a stormy week in our area and it’s always good to have some kind of plan for when something unexpected might happen.   We don’t wait until the siren goes off to get prepared.   When the electricity is out things change rapidly.   Gas pumps and ATM machines do not work.  The internet doesn’t work and it’s only a matter of time before the cell phone battery loses it charge.

We are kind of the same way.  If we don’t charge our spiritual batteries by reading the word we can lose our charge too.

Things do not work as well when our “electricity” is out.  We need to stay plugged in to God through his word, good faith filled teaching on the Word, and fellowshipping with other people who are plugged into the Word rather than the world.

One of my favorite teachers on grace is on the Believer’s Voice of Victory this week.  Many years ago when I just started to hear of the word “Grace” I was getting frustrated because nobody seemed to know what it meant.   It had to be more than something we say before we eat and the “‘oh well…his grace is sufficient.”  Kind of  cop out for not having any faith.

I love how God works.   A friend of mine and I were at the Rhema Campmeeting that year and the minister was Keith Butler.   I was not too familiar with Rhema or any of the students, teachers etc.   Come to find out that was quite a campmeeting.    Mark Hankins was also teaching sessions, and then there was a special guest that showed up during one of the evening meetings that Kenneth E. Hagin preached.   Let’s just say the “special guest” stole the meeting.  It was an amazing meeting.

Besides the “special guest” showing up one evening,  I laughed like I have never laughed in church listening to Mark Hankins teach.  Then there was the icing on the cake.   Keith Butler spoke on Grace.  This was my first time to hear an entire session devoted to grace and what it was.  No disrespect to any of the other teachers but God knew I wanted to learn about Grace so for me.  Those sessions about Grace and the “special guest” were like God reaching down from Heaven and saying.  “Hey, you’ll love this.”   This is the guy who can teach you about Grace.

I wish I could tell you more about the “special guest” but it was just something you literally had to be there and see or “not see” for yourself.

If you get a chance to watch Believers Voice of Victory please do so and download the new study guides so you won’t miss anything while Bishop Keith A Butler is on the show.    Check out the new study guides on the KCM website at Media downloads

Thanks so much to Believers Voice of Victory and Kenneth Copeland ministries.  They have had an amazing line up this year for guest teachers and getting the word out about the different ministries out there to help everyone live a better Christian life.

For more information about Bishop Keith A Butler and Video on Demand visit their website at Keith Butler Ministries (clicking on link will open new window)    And subscribe to their podcast “Live your Faith” on ITunes.

Plug into God’s grace and just watch how your life will change.  The difference is like turning a light switch on in a dark room.















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