Great tips to help your church worship.

Every worship leader has the experience from time to time of a service that just seems to fall flat. The songs didn’t work, or the musicians didn’t gel, or the technology didn’t cooperate, or the congregation didn’t respond. Whatever the reason(s), even in the most passionate of congregations, there are times when the singing […]

via When Your Congregation Isn’t Singing: 15 Questions — Worthily Magnify

Beautiful article.. read and be encouraged.

2 thoughts on “Great tips to help your church worship.”

  1. My pastor has asked me to help lead our next worship service, but I definitely don’t want it to fail flat. I really want the songs to work with the message and for the congregation to respond to it in a worshipful manner. Just like in the link above, I have noticed that that doesn’t happen when the songs are too familiar. However, I really want to introduce new music to the congregation and so what would your advice be for doing that?

    1. Hi Faylinn, Jamie is really my go to person for all things worship. Introducing new music can be challenging. Teaching the song with a “why it ministers to you” just a few seconds before asking the congregation to participate is helpful. In kind of a “this song ministers to me and this is how it goes” way then ask them to join in. If you help them “see” why the song ministers to you they can build a relationship with your new song also.

      If you have more congregational type services Jaime the original blogger of article would be your best bet for all things worship.

      Hope your service goes well. Just being concerned about your congregation and that they do have a time of fellowship with God during the songs is a big plus. Let us know how it went and what worked.
      God Bless An2g.

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