501c3 is not what you think. Be responsible and do your own research.

http://www.creationliberty.com/articles/501c3.php    This sparked my attention while researching the foundation and who came up with this bright idea that has put many pastors in fear and misleading Christians for decades.  You really can’t serve both mammon and God.    Read the article and then join me on researching this out for yourself and your church.  Are you stifling God and not giving your people your all because of money?

And by the way,  if you are a “Church” you don’t even need one of these.   If you are not a “church” then that’s another ballgame.  I’m sure there are plenty of ministries out there that help in these areas of legal matters for churches.

I would start here  Christian Law Association with my research.

The 501c3 is a way around the real reason behind the separation of Church and State.  Which is the STATE cannot tell the CHURCH what, when, why or how come about anything regarding freedom of religion.   The total opposite of what those Carnival barkers…. lol (Thank you O’Malley) people shouting separation of church and state are barking about.  Talk about barking up the wrong tree.

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