We are not Ninnies…

Every time I hear something in the news that is anti Christian it generally makes me dread Sunday.  Why?  Well how many Pastors will take time away from sharing the Gospel and Worship to moan, whine and cry like ninnies with no hope.

We are not the world so we don’t need to act like it.  We have a hope.  We have an all things are possible God.  We have the Holy Ghost!  Intercede on behalf of your State and Country take the time you would worry, and wring your hands and pray instead.  Have a time of prayer instead of  bringing fear and doubt to the pulpit.  Have some faith and pray in Godly candidates and leaders.  Pray before you vote and Vote every time there is an election.  God needs the Body of Christ to do their job not pull the covers over their head and shake in fear.

Thank God for the churches out there that activate their faith instead of fear during challenging times.  That’s what people need.  They need the Good news.  They need the word.    After a week of who knows what people need Jesus and a time of worship and faith building messages.   Not a rebroadcast of worldly news.  They know what was on the news probably watched it all week.  They need to know what the Bible says and activate their faith for the next week.

Next time you listen to the news instead of letting it activate Fear, let it activate FAITH instead.  Stop what you are doing turn off the TV or radio and PRAY!  Don’t wait until Sunday to bring your fears to Church and get others upset and start a group of hand wringing.  Lets Praise God for answers and solutions and start a group of hand raising to our awesome and powerful God instead.   AMEN!













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