Keeping the Fire Burning.

This is the first Sunday after…  After Camp-meeting.   How do we take Camp-meeting home with us?   Whether you were in Oklahoma, Florida, or other places  the message was basically the same.   Get back to the basics of the Gospel, renew our mind with the word of God, and get fired up/stirred up to show the light of the Good News to everyone around us.

One way to keep the fire burning is to stay focused on the truth.   This is something you can do on your own.

  1. Read the word of God.  Proverbs 4: 20-22.   Attend to the Word of God for it is Life…
  2. Focus on what the word says and not wives tales.   “God is using my sickness to teach me something”, God will get glory out of my sickness.   It is embarrassing to hear this come out of people’s mouths because they have just revealed that they know nothing about what the Bible actually says but instead rely on rumors they have heard or read instead of actual scripture.
  3. Get around other people who actually read the Bible and enjoy talking about the truth.
  4. Try to find a church that actually preaches the Gospel and you need a Bible with you when you go.   (You know you are not going to remember one word up on that screen other than who was called to the nursery)
  5. The internet is full of websites and teachers that preach the actual Gospel and not all this junk that has been passed on from generation to generation.  If there is nothing available in your area get online.  I generally tweet services that I am attending online. (One thing about online teaching: You will have to verify that what they are preaching is in the Bible.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Even the best teachers  accidentally misquote scriptures, mix up names of Bible people, give out the wrong reference for a scripture etc.  Not on purpose it just happens.

Another way to keep the fire burning is get together with like minded Christians and stir each other up.

  1.  Attend an on fire Bible study.   A real one not just a bunch of friends that get together and talk nonsense but one that has a purpose and people learn something that can change their life.    ex:    I know of a Bible study that gathers at a cattle sale barn.   It’s not a church and they do not have regular church meetings.   Many people of different denominations attend and they teach the Gospel.
  2. If nothing is available in your area again get online or check your local TV programming.  There are a few out there that teach the word.

And finally try to find a place to fellowship and become a part that is Bible based, uplifting, encouraging and spend more time talking about the Gospel than what other people/ministries are doing wrong.

  1. A place where they help stir up the gifts not stir up the pot.
  2. It would be more beneficial to attend a good bible based church service once a month that it would be to go weekly to a church that rambles and preaches doctrines of demons, traditional mistruths, and wives tales.
  3. Do NOT go home from Camp Meeting and try to change your church.   As we grow in knowledge and understanding you may need to find a church home that helps you grow instead of hindering your growth.   Generally we move on from the nursery, pre-school, elementary, secondary and collegiate education.
  4. Pray, Pray, Pray.

I encourage you to do what you can on your own and ask God to guide you toward people who enjoy Him as much as you do.  If you belong to a Bible Based church that preaches the Gospel then Glory to God for you!  Get in and get involved and help become a worker in the field of harvest.   Nothing like keeping yourself stirred up by renewing your mind to the truths in the Bible.   If your church isn’t Bible based and does not preach the Gospel then you really need to pray to find a Church home that does.  (Believe me I know how daunting a task that can be)   But keep your chin up and get into the Word!

Ask God and do what His word Says! Keep stirring up the Gifts and devote ourselves to prayer and attending to His word.   Being a good steward of ALL that He has given us including our Bodies.  And praising Him everyday for what he has done.  Let’s not let the embers from the fire of Camp-meeting die out.  Keep stirring up the Gifts.










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