Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!   Hope everyone can find some time today to sit back and reflect over what all God has done in your life during 2012.

Seems like everyone is thinking “God’s going to do a new thing in 2013.”     Sounds good and I think most of us are wanting to see the church become a viable solution to the hurting.  No more games, no more politics in church but getting down to the work that Jesus died for.

That’s what we and the world needs.

May we all strive to be truly Christlike to everyone around us.   I heard this from someone somewhere and it kind of stuck.  “The only Jesus some people may see is the Jesus in you and the Jesus in Me.”

When people look at your words and actions do they see Jesus?  If not then read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Get to know Jesus and how He really acted so you will know   WWJD?



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