Is Sickness your friend? Sunday Morning Sickness (SMS)

Sunday morning sickness (SMS). Let’s be honest here for the sake of the youth in the church. Teenagers and young people are a bit more honest that some adults that “play” church.

Are you really sick Sunday morning or are you sick of “church”? Tired of playing the games, sick of the politics and wish your Pastor could have a divine intervention and preach something worth listening to?

This is another way sickness invites its way into your life. If you wish you were sick so you didn’t have to go to church then be honest with yourself for the sake of your children, other family members and your own health. If you want to be sick to avoid the Sunday morning service then be prepared to have Sunday morning sickness. If your teenagers are having Sunday morning sickness then wake up and ask them to tell you the truth and listen. Do not get on to them for being the only ones honest enough in the family to see that something needs to change.

One way to defeat Sunday morning sickness is to be honest about your situation. Then pray and ask God what to do. Don’t let sickness tempt you to allow itself into your life. Be honest and be healthy.

Stay tuned as we continue to prepare ourselves to walk in Divine Health.













































































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