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Getting your day started right…Boot Camp day 1

Still having challenges knowing how to get your day started??   The one thing I also like to do in August is get back to the basics of FLYing.

It goes hand in hand with Boot Camp.  By the end of Boot Camp and getting back to the babysteps of Flying  a brand new person emerges ready to take on the challenges of Fall.

Check out flylady.net    I once prayed to God….   “God I need help!!!!  How in the world am I ever going to do anything for you? Help me take care of my home and take care of myself.”  Somebody posted on a yahoo group something about a Flylady the next day.

I googled it and have been a flybaby since 2006.   It works.  You will not believe how much time you will have to study the word and be available to minister to friends and family.

Oh one more thing…. You’ll get your weekends back.   All you need to do on Saturday and Sunday is spend time with your family having fun.   Sundays be prepared to minister or be a student of the Word and really enjoy time resting and renewing yourself.

No need to do any preparation. Click the Getting Started tab on the Flylady home page.

Use the link here to find Joyce Meyer Boot Camp Season 3

For the next 31 days  enjoy renewing your spirit, soul and body by getting back to the basics with Boot Camp, and  watch your home day by day practically clean itself taking one BabyStep at a time with Flylady.

31 days from now you are going to either be 31 days older stuck in the same old rut or a brand new you.  It’s up to you.  Choose Life!

Oh start day 1 whenever you find this.   Doesn’t have to be on a Monday or Sunday and then follow one Boot Camp Video and one BabyStep daily for 31 days.    Take it slow and just watch how taking one step at a time can make a lasting change.

Day 1  “Getting your Day started right”  pt 1 Boot Camp Video &  BabyStep 1 Shine your sink with Flylady.