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Healing School 101

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Healing School!

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever really is true.

Here are some tools to aid your studying.

1. Esword  (look for it online best thing ever…go ahead and donate enough for the CD.)

2. PocketSword  in the app store.

3. Bible Gateway in the app store.

4. History.   Look on the Historical access page.  I’ll be updating information and then you can follow the links for your own study.

5.   Many of the ministers on the Historical Access  page have video’s on YouTube.

6. A Bible you can read and understand.  If you can’t read it you won’t.   I started out with the 1984 NIV easiest Bible I have ever read. You can find them in some resale shops and maybe order online with amazon.   The newer versions really leave out some of the good stuff.   I mostly use King James.  It’s a standard and public domain.   The app for Bible Gateway has the 1984 version of NIV,

7. Listen to ministers who believe the Scriptures.  Don’t let the doubt and inexperience of some ministers override the words of Jesus. The Bible is what it is.  It does mean your body and not “just spiritual” healing.  Moses was 80 before he basically started.  So all this garbage about growing older and allowing your body to deteriorate is just garbage.   Yes of course every year we add a number to our age but we do not have to swallow the propaganda from Pharmaceutical companies.  Take the word of God like medicine.  3x a day after meals…(Derek Prince) The audio of Derek Prince’s realization of the Bible and the truth about God healing for today is available on ITunes.  So good to hear when preachers start promoting the Gospel after years of promoting man’s ideas on healing.   God still does not put sickness on us to teach us something or lead us into troubles so we can increase our hope.   Sure as people we experience things mostly due to our choices and the results of sin.   Never does God ever kill, steal or destroy to teach us something.  Satan is the one who kills, steals & destroys.

Most of the information I’ll be posting is what I’ve learned from the ministries listed on the Historical Access page.  It’s kind of funny but some of the “New” teaching was first being taught in the 1800’s.     I know some of you will pick up on catch phrases etc of certain ministers.   I just want to thank all the ministries I have run across that continue to preach the Gospel.  We need you!   If you wonder why I’m not bringing up ministers names etc.  Well…I kind of like Smith Wigglesworth’s policy.  He wanted people to know Jesus and not necessarily remember him.   There are so many unnamed ministers of the gospel that preached with power and signs that followed.  We’ll probably never know all their names.   However on the Historical Access page I will try to list book titles etc so If you want to check those out on your own you can.

One more thing.  I am human and will probably make mistakes.  If I do type a scripture reference wrong, please contact me on the contact page and let me know which one is wrong so I can correct it.   Thanks again and enjoy.

Teachings available online.   Audio teachings from Andrew Wommack Ministries (You’ve Already Got it, God wants you well)

Healing testimonies  20 Life Changing Testimonies.  You can learn more by watching these 20 videos than most people learn in 20 years in church.   Real life situations by real people and Watch how God changes everything.


Healing Scriptures:   Thanks to all the ministries that post these resources.  (will open printable file)

Websites to encourage:   Probably the best Historical Website for Healing and Revival information.  (my favorite)


This is probably the easiest assignment ever.

1. Go through the scriptures listed on the references above.  My favorite healing scripture lists.

2. Pick out the scriptures that minister to you the most. (Pick your favorites you’ll spend about 5-15min 3x a day meditating on them.  The longer the list the more chance you won’t do it.  You know your schedule make your lists something you will do everyday.

3. Write down/Type the scriptures on a paper or document.

4.  Read those Scriptures and meditate on them.  ( don’t speed read let the healing power of God’s word bring life to you as you read)

5.  Take these scriptures like medicine.   3x a day after Meals  Increase dosage as  needed there are no bad side effects.

Just a note:  Once your healing has manifested continue to read healing scriptures.   Make a new list with new scriptures you want to learn or update your existing list.  Whatever works for you.   Adjust your dosage as needed to maintain your healing.



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