Preach #TheGospel and they’ll come.

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People are wandering these days.  I always hear people complaining about how nobody has any dedication to Church and it’s just hard to get people to come to Church anymore.

I also hear people being so frustrated with what they read about in the Bible being almost false advertisement of the Church today. They get excited and believe what is in the Bible and then they inevitably go to a Church that no more preaches the gospel than the atheist down the street.

They read the Gospels and then Hebrews 13:8 ” Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  They assume that when they go to Church that it will be like what they read about in the Bible.  Especially now.  We’ve been watching A.D. the Bible continues and they actually show “signs & wonders”.  Yes when the Gospel is preached signs and wonders still do follow in some locations.  I can’t watch everywhere and I don’t know all the places in the US and abroad where signs and wonders are, but I have kept an eye on a couple of places that have my attention.

Charis Bible College (CBC) in Woodland Park, Colorado   Every Thursday at 1:00pm Mountain Time they have Healing School.   Reminds me of the scripture. Matthew 11: 4-5  the answer that Jesus gave the disciples of John the Baptist.

Eagle Mountain Church in Newark, TX  Is also having a Matthew 11:4-5 season.

I’m sure there are many other places out there that are experiencing God. But these two are special to me.

I discovered Charis Bible College during a research project of current ministries walking in the area of Healing. I had tracked down a healing testimony online and they were talking about the teaching from Andrew Wommack ministries. I had never heard of the ministry but anyone operating in Healing with results, you bet I’m going to check them out. Yay! They make everything so easy. Easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to get results.  I like them. They don’t pester you for money and they don’t send you enough paper to start your own recycling center.  They just simply preach the Gospel at AWMI.  So you bet I like blessing them.

About Eagle Mountain I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart where A.A. Allen and his ministry are concerned. They are trying to repair what a generation of those with misguided intentions tried to destroy.

I’ve been down the actual road and stood in front of the Church yard where he first heard the Gospel and his life was changed forever. All this took place not more than an hour away from me. Later on in his ministry the services were getting so large that he couldn’t meet in churches too easily due to the crowds and decided to meet at a larger non-church location.   Well that cut in to somebody’s commission and the end was soon to come as those people basically started the end of the Healing Revival of the 40’s and 50’s. It’s really true you can’t serve God and money and unfortunately they, like the Pharisees, were more concerned about their bottom line and basically crucified anyone who tried to move in the miraculous. And well we haven’t seen a miraculous move across the nation since.

I was almost in tears when I saw the honor and reverence of Eagle Mountain. They are restoring what God tried to start with A.A. Allen and the many other ministers who dared to believe scriptures and trust God at His word. At Eagle Mountain, Hebrews 13:8 is also believed and in operation. It’s not them. It’s God in them. Jesus hasn’t changed. He’s always been here waiting and they’re accessing the grace of Healing.

It’s kind of like the story of the husband and the wife in the front seat of the car. When the joke became popular there were bench seats in cars. A bench seat is just one long seat across.   Newlyweds would get in on the driver’s side and the wife would just barely slide over enough on the seat for her new Husband to sit-down.   After a few years the wife complained to her husband that she didn’t feel that they were that close anymore.   He replied to her comment by saying, “I haven’t moved I’m right here where I’ve always been.”   The wife notices that she has indeed moved all the way to the other side of car. When she is awakened to her situation she moves back over closer to her husband. Her husband hasn’t all of the sudden changed and started something new. She’s just back in the position of being closer to her husband.

God’s been waiting for someone to carry on. He didn’t quit, his people did.

Churches need to take a look at how restaurants do business. Packed restaurants generally have 3 things in common. Good Food, Good service, at a good price. If a restaurant has bad food, nobody gets shamed or scolded for not being committed and lacking responsibility if they don’t go back. It would be nuts to go back weekly to a restaurant that consistently serves bad food.

The same thing goes for service. If the staff is unfriendly and feels like the people they are serving is a burden it’s no wonder that people don’t come back. Generally the restaurant manager or owner would tell that staff person that the customers pay their salary. So the nicer they are to the customers the more they might come back and even tip them if they do a good job. Just because you went to a certain school etc doesn’t mean you get to snub your nose at those coming into your place of business. Servers do not get tips just because they are servers they get tips when they put forth the effort to be rewarded.

Finally, how much does it cost? People are willing to pay a little more for better quality food, top notch service in a pleasant atmosphere.   Typical family restaurants that have the speakers turned up so loud that no one can order, fellowship or digest their food will probably not go over very well. On the other hand if you are going to a club or a Music restaurant where that is what they do then that’s a different story. Also, if I live next to McDonalds and buy coffee regularly and then I go to eat at a Steak house and have dinner.   I don’t go back to McDonalds and pay for my steak. I pay for my Steak where it was cooked and served to me. When I go back to McDonalds, I pay for my coffee. No McDonalds on the planet would say. “I heard what you paid for that steak at the steakhouse. Why don’t you ever pay me for their steak?”

Where the church is concerned… if the people coming to the service are spending more time getting ready and driving to the church than the Pastor spends preparing the message, there is a problem with the Church not the people coming to it. Just because you are a Pastor doesn’t mean you get to be a lazy chef slopping something together that isn’t nourishing or spiritually tasty. People are hungry and they’re tired of artificial colorings, additives and empty calories. They want real food to sink their spiritual teeth in.

On the other hand Pastors are not short order cooks. They don’t come up with a message when someone walks in the door and orders.  They spend time alone with God praying and asking Him what he wants them to deliver to the specific people who will be hearing the message.

Typically you have 30-45 minutes. What are you going to tell them that will change their life? What will you say than can make their week better? What scriptures will you teach so they can leave with an answer to the many situations that they go through in a week? Sounds like quite an undertaking doesn’t it? That’s why they spend time in prayer and fellowship with God instead of watching TV, playing games on Facebook and other things that take time away from hearing from God.

God made things easy. Pray, listen to what He says, do what He says and then preach the Gospel. If people don’t bring their Bibles or use their Bible apps during church then you’re obviously not getting them in the Gospel.

If Jesus was talking about your church could he tell people Matthew 11:4-5? Would He say that you invite Him to operate in your services because you believe Hebrews 13:8? If you don’t know what these scriptures reference, you might be answering your own questions. Look them up and then start preaching the Gospel.

A a big thank you and shout out to Eagle Mountain Church and AWMI/Charis Bible College. Where Jesus is Lord and Matthew 11:4-5 is the norm.

If you #PreachTheGospel, they’ll come.


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