Happy He is Risen day!

There r numerous names for tomorrow.   ” I get to eat beef day”, I get to have chocolate day,   Lent is over day,  Easter, Resurrection Sunday,  and the list goes on.

But, I think we r all on the same page when we stop 2 celebrate the life that Jesus gave us.   When we remember what his death accomplished. So much was accomplished in one day even Jesus himself shouted “It is finished!”  Just so we wouldn’t forget.    One sacrifice for all for all time.  No more bringing chickens, doves, pigs, grains etc. to the priest for when you sin.    Jesus paid it all for all for all time.

Don’t get caught up in the technicalities of theologians arguing these days.   Let’s focus on what was accomplished on the cross and not get lost in the arguments.     When He said “It is finished!”  he didn’t say ” It’s finished so you can argue about what happened for the next 2000 years”.

Let us put our arguments aside and focus on The life and purpose that God has given all of us He paid a very expensive price and so we could live and look forward to being with Him one day.

Let’s bury our past, our old fleshly man and the fleshly way of doing things.  It’s time to resurrect Christ in our hearts, lives, and Churches.

He is Risen!



Have you checked the App Store?

I recently searched for Ministry Apps.  Wow… it’s amazing.   If you have a unpredictable schedule these ministry apps are great.  Listen to teaching, read devotions, check the event schedules.  Thoroughly enjoying the Mark Hankins Ministry app.   It’s good to laugh at ourselves, our situations, and the Devil … Ha Ha Ha… I get it now!!!

I think it said there were 734 apps the last time I checked.  Surely there is an Ministry app out there 4 U.