Grove Christian Center 33rd Annual Ladies Retreat with Ceitci Demirkova March 8-9, 2013

Ceitci33rd Annual LADIES Retreat March 8-9, 2013

Grove Christian Center Hwy 10 Grove OK. (918)786-4497

Schedule: Friday 8th 7-p The Fun, Spirit~Filled, weekend Begins!
Saturday 9-a Continental Breakfast provided by the ladies of church
10a-12p Service Continues!


Born and raised in Bulgaria, a former Communist country, Ceitci’s story is one of tragedy to triumph and poverty to richness. Arriving to the USA at age 19 with $100 and 100 words of English, her ultimate passion and purpose was, and still is, helping people. Her personal stories of overcoming life’s challenges and not stopping in the face of betrayal, discouragement or sickness are intertwined with her messages of hope, truth, love and purpose.

Along with her many endeavors and ministries, Ceitci has also been a radio and TV show guest on national and international media, and has authored an autobiography and devotional series called “A Cup of Inspiration”.

There is no admission fee for the retreat.  A Love Offering will be taken.   A refreshing time for Ladies.  There will be NO Nursery provided.

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Is Sickness your Friend? Improving communication skills.

“You know I just don’t feel like it today.  Maybe some other time.”   How many times have we heard people say that?  Sometimes it may be true but how many of us have said that and were not thinking?   Few hours later hmmmm…I don’t feel very good.

How many times have you used sickness to bail you out of a situation?  In that instant. Sickness became your Best Friend.  I know it is a difficult thing to just be honest and say…”You know…I’m just not interested in going to that.  We can find something else to do later but I want you to go ahead and enjoy that activity with someone else who likes to go shopping at 4:00 am.   Have fun… let me know all about it.”

“You know I just bought a fresh steak and I just want to stay home cook a great meal and read a book tonight.”   Yes I have literally said that… and you know my friends survived a night without me.  They know I’m a great cook so they understood although they were disappointed.

Just being honest with people will set the stage for being a healthier person.  When we lie to people it has a tendency to cause stress in our own body.  The truth will set you free and in this case keep you free from making yourself sick.

Need to improve your communication skills.  Dr. Gary Chapman (Five Love Languages…etc) Website is a great place to start for learning the art of communication for any relationship.

Let’s keep ourselves healthy by NOT using sickness as an excuse when we would be better off communicating honestly with people.


What R U Spreading?

What r u spreading? N a rural setting we have trucks that spread fertilizer on the crops.  Sometimes it stinks very bad & sometimes it doesn’t.  Kind of like us as Christians when we r around other people.  R u spreading life or like many fertilizer trucks r u spreading a stench that wreaks 4 days? Tip of the day…don’t write bad stuff on tips. Lord bless r sister & renew her. We all make mistakes.   #Christianity  #relationships #grace