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You Are My Strength – Hillsong (Lyrics & Subtitles) – YouTube

You Are My Strength – Hillsong (Lyrics & Subtitles) – YouTube.

via You Are My Strength – Hillsong (Lyrics & Subtitles) – YouTube.


Hillsong – The Deep of Your Grace – With Subtitles/Lyrics – HD Version – YouTube

Hillsong – The Deep of Your Grace – With Subtitles/Lyrics – HD Version – YouTube.

via Hillsong – The Deep of Your Grace – With Subtitles/Lyrics – HD Version – YouTube.

Healer | Kari Jobe – YouTube

Healer | Kari Jobe – YouTube.

via Healer | Kari Jobe – YouTube.

Is Sickness your friend? Sunday Morning Sickness (SMS)

Sunday morning sickness (SMS). Let’s be honest here for the sake of the youth in the church. Teenagers and young people are a bit more honest that some adults that “play” church.

Are you really sick Sunday morning or are you sick of “church”? Tired of playing the games, sick of the politics and wish your Pastor could have a divine intervention and preach something worth listening to?

This is another way sickness invites its way into your life. If you wish you were sick so you didn’t have to go to church then be honest with yourself for the sake of your children, other family members and your own health. If you want to be sick to avoid the Sunday morning service then be prepared to have Sunday morning sickness. If your teenagers are having Sunday morning sickness then wake up and ask them to tell you the truth and listen. Do not get on to them for being the only ones honest enough in the family to see that something needs to change.

One way to defeat Sunday morning sickness is to be honest about your situation. Then pray and ask God what to do. Don’t let sickness tempt you to allow itself into your life. Be honest and be healthy.

Stay tuned as we continue to prepare ourselves to walk in Divine Health.













































































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Who R U bowing 2 today? Fear or Strength?

When we bow our knees to fear and manipulation, we are truly ruled by our weaknesses rather than our strengths.   We all know where our strength comes from.   Not from horses and not from chariots.   We put our trust not in a donkey or an elephant but in the lamb.  Pray for the US today.    r leaders need us!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) this is a paraphrase of the following passage.

“ It is not enough in a situation of trust in the commonwealth, that a man means well to his country; it is not enough that in his single person he never did an evil act, but always voted according to his conscience, and even harangued against every design which he apprehended to be prejudicial to the interests of his country. This innoxious and ineffectual character, that seems formed upon a plan of apology and disculpation, falls miserably short of the mark of public duty. That duty demands and requires that what is right should not only be made known, but made prevalent; that what is evil should not only be detected, but defeated. When the public man omits to put himself in a situation of doing his duty with effect it is an omission that frustrates the purposes of his trust almost as much as if he had formally betrayed it. It is surely no very rational account of a man’s life, that he has always acted right but has taken special care to act in such a manner that his endeavours could not possibly be productive of any consequence.”

Edmund Burke “ Thoughts On The Cause Of The Present Discontents” 1770 (An- extract)

When words won’t do…God always gives someone music.

After hearing about the tragedy in Newtown, I could find no words to say that might provide comfort the way I wanted them to.  A song came up in my heart.  “Because of who You Are”   It’s a song that provides comfort in the toughest of times.

I found a jewel on Youtube.  Going to try and post it.

You can find it here    Isn’t amazing how God can use someone just willing to be different?  I know I was blessed and I hope you are too!


Thank You Sarah92790 whoever you are… You have a wonderful gift and I look forward to hearing more music from you graced with your special  talents.

R U Free 2day?

The past experiences of others do not nullify the word of God.  God’s word is Truth. Let the Truth about ur situation set U free 2day!

Is Sickness your Friend?

Last Spring I was at a Ladies conference and the speaker was talking about health and healing.   She made the comment to those coming to the prayer line that they would need to prepare to do their house work because they were going to be well and not have an excuse.

Originally I thought that was odd.  Then I began to notice just how much people use Sickness for perceived benefits.  Like an old loyal friend Sickness was there for them whenever they needed it.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Articles on “Preparing to Walk in Divine Health”   If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This may be a new way to look at an old problem.


























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